Animal Services

The City of Almena provides the following assistance to residents and is dedicated to helping protect the health, safety and welfare of both people and animals in our community.

  • Responding to stray animal complaints
  • Investigating dangerous animals
  • Impoundments
  • Barking dog complaints
  • Carcass removal
  • Ordinance enforcement

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City of Almena
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Chandler Schnuerle
City Operator

All Creatures Vet Clinic
Local Veterinarian
5761 Rd E12
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register my pets?

Yes, pet registration runs from January 1 - December 31 of each year. All dogs that reside with in city limits must be registered annually. Upon registration, proof of rabies vaccination must be provided. If you are unable to come into the city office during open hours, you may print the forms from this webpage. If you can't print documents, please call or e-mail and request forms be mailed to you. Dog tags will then be mailed to your residence for your convenience.

Is rabies vaccination required in Almena?

Per City of Almena Code of Ordinances section 2-204, "It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog kept within the city to fail to display a current certificate of immunization against rabies issued by an accredited veterinarian evidencing the vaccination of such dog within two years, when requested by the Animal Control Officer or any law enforcement officer."

Who do I call if an animal is at large?

If the animal is at large during office hours, call the City Office at 785-669-2425.
If the office is closed, please call the city cell at 785-669-7039.

How do I file a complaint about an animal?

You may print the form below and drop it in the city drop box or you can stop by during office hours and fill out a formal complaint.

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