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Accepting Sealed Bids


The City of Almena is accepting sealed bids for the Fires Station doors that were damaged in the hailstorm last year. The dimensions are 24 x 10.6 and 24 x 13.6 (the larger one has a hole in one panel). Bids may be dropped of in person at the City Office, or placed in the library dropslot after...

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Take the Downtown Almena Survey


Click here to take a survey for the use of the downtown vacant areas.

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Increased Water Rates Scheduled for September 2023


Beginning September 29th, 2023, our water rates will be as follows for customers both inside and outside of the city limits (NOTE: UNIT = 100 GALLONS)

0 to 4,000 gallons will be charged a base rate of $38.00 

4,100 to 10,000 -an additional .50 per 100 will be charged  (Ex. A customer uses...

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